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Installation Video


Once you've requested, and have been granted, a whitelist from the Discord you can then follow the guide below. Voice chat is NOT required to play on the server, it only acts as an extension of experience. Adding a new socializing aspect to building and township. There are plenty of players who choose to not use their microphones, but install it to hear other players. Whatever way you choose to play it'll be more than fine to those around you.

Voice Chat

When it comes to voice chat there are two directions you can go to get things set-up. You can go the route of downloading each jar file for your corresponding Minecraft version or you can download the latest mod pack through CurseForge.

CurseForge 1.20.1

  • Download the CurseForge client from their official website
  • Install CurseForge and find a page displaying "My Modpacks"
  • Download the latest
  • Open CurseForge and create a new profile in the top right.
  • Select the "import" option at the top and import the .zip file.
  • Launch and configure voice chat as needed through default Minecraft binds.

Manual Installation 1.20.1

  • Download the most up to date from the Crafters downloads page on the main website.

There will be a README.TXT file within the zip file detailing further instructions, but it's as simple as drag and drop to the mods folder.

Using Voice Chat

Once installed you can use the "v" key to open and manage voice chat settings. "Caps Lock" will be your default push to talk key.

Suggested Mods

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