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Game Master

Player Details

Player: #1

Join Date: January 28, 2021

Last Seen: November 30, 2023


Time Played: 778 Hours

Distance Traveled: 3M Blocks

Player Kills: 1

Deaths: 30


CrafterOne is the creator of Crafters.one and currently holds a position of moderation along side the Glows. Crafter can often be seen fishing next to other players with their sacred "Crafter's Fishing Rod', which is rumored to only catch the best loot. CrafterOne may occasionally wear a Lily of the valley flower on their head and prompt random players to use their furnaces, as a reward, CrafterOne will splash them with an otherwise unobtainable luck potion, with a five minutes duration. CraftersOne has been seen summoning and riding a baby chicken around, deflecting skeleton arrows, as well as levitating close to the ground.


  • CrafterOne is only player #56 due to heavy drinking the night before Crafters.one's conception. Talk about late to your own party.
  • Fishing can sometimes cause Crafter to appear from nearby to join in the activity.


No collectibles have been created by this player. No player heads have been reported nor any verified.