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Game Master

Player Details

Player: # 95

Join Date: February 10, 2021

Last Seen: February 22, 2024


Time Played: 819 Hours

Distance Traveled: 3M Blocks

Player Kills: 2

Deaths: 101


GlowSteve's origins are unknown, but his duty has been made clear. The Glow People protect the community from those with bad intentions and stop at nothing to keep the peace. Occasionally a GlowSteve is spotted in the wild or will appear out of nowhere. The Glow People love to scare people by appearing out of thin air around corners. Trying to follow proves pointless as when they turn the corner they will have vanished into thin air.


  • GlowSteve currently has a permanent residence set up in Spawn Town. You can find their home in the village side with a sign reading "GlowSteve's Home".
  • GlowSteve's head was the first of all [player heads] to drop as a test.
  • There are less than 5 GlowSteve heads known to exist.


No reported collectibles at this time, despite 5 heads being owned by unnamed players.