Communism in Spawn Town

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Members of the Group


While not around for long, communism was once in Spawn Town. The members of the Communist group made a secret lair underneath Spawn Town which can still be visited today at (280 59 27). The Underground lair is filled with several twisting tunnels which if you can find your way through, lead to a chamber on the bottom which once was the main operating location of the communist group. The lair was eventually found and the bottom chamber was blown up leaving only craters of what once was there.

The once abandoned bottom chamber now houses Facility DF2 which was discovered by Plexiate on August 18th, 2023. Nothing is known about when or who built the facility but it is believed that there are more around the world. Facility DF2 has many entrances scattered around builds in Spawn Town. These entrances lead to a main corridor which is over 300 blocks long. Several tunnels shoot off of the main corridor leading to the entrances scattered around Spawn Town.

The Rise

Shortly after Sek organized the first government Spawn Town an election was held to elect several citizens to the city council. Five citizens were elected and shortly after council meetings began. Meeting would run for hours and very little was accomplished other than setting a few simple laws. Eventually, one of the council members, Plexiate, was convinced by Awa__Awa that communism would be the best system for Spawn Town. The USSR group was formed and an underground base was created to house the group. As time went on more members joined the group. The members of the group included, KJNine, ICU2D, Decipierre, Kasprr, HavocA4, Plexiate, Awa__Awa and another council memeber, KBANE. The underground base was expanded and several twisting tunnels would eventually lead to a bottom chamber. The bottom chamber was the main operating base of the group and housed a farm, crafting room, and storage.

The Fall

Things fell apart quickly. After Plexiate was hunted down and put on trial for treason the true scale of the USSR was realized by the citizens of Spawn Town. KBANE attempted to help Plexiate escape his trial but he ultimately failed and Plexiate was recaptured and KBANE was eventually chased down by Carlos_Horno and killed. Plexiate was charged with treason and he was banished from Spawn Town. The USSR's base was eventually found and the bottom chamber was blown up. Some members were never caught and others moved away to New Awansville to escape persecution.