End Strongholds

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The First End Portal, decorated by Zyrwen
The portal after JustAnotherU5er broke it : 7/28/23

The First Stronghold

The first stronghold was discovered by KJNine, Nova2001, Squishguin and AkaHexx with KJNine being the first player to activate and enter the end dimension on January 30th, 2021. The portal coordinates were largely kept private and some server members were able to purchase the coordinates for diamonds. This stronghold is easily accessible through the Nether Hub at -5, 69, 205. This remains the only accessible portal through the nether at this time. Other portals have been opened, but no mapping has been done to the surrounding areas to the hub.

The portal frame was modified by Zyrwen using the mushroom growth exploit. Zyrwen broke the outer frame and changed the decor of the portal room to a better aesthetic. However; on July 28th, 2023 JustAnotherU5er used the same mushroom exploit to break the portal blocks, leaving the portal as a 1x1 portal block. GlowSteve would later undo this damage as the portal is vital for the people of Spawn Town.

Portal Locations & Opening Dates