The Dragon's Egg

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The End Portal, decorated by BunnyWoman


The race to the End was on right away for some of the day one players, who wanted to go down in history. After many players grinded to get the gear and necessary supplies, it was KJNine who become the first player to enter the End Dimension on January 30th, 2021. Following behind him was Nova2001, Squishguin and AkaHexx. 19 minutes after entering the portal KJNine went down in infamy as the first player to kill the Ender Dragon and defeat the End Dimension.

Where is the Egg?

Testimonies from other players line up to confirm the Dragon's Egg is currently either missing or destroyed. KJNine states seeing another player pick up the egg and tossing it into the void to be lost for good. Speculation aside, the egg seems to have been lost and has not resurfaced since that day in 2021.